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    Create file in Recordstore on installation?

    Hi everyone:-)

    I am using the recordstore in my application and everything works fine at the moment:-)

    I was wondering if its possible to create a file in recordstore when i install my application on a device? So i want to have this file in recordstore before i start up the application.

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    Re: Create file in Recordstore on installation?

    Customized installation actions are not possible in MIDlet installations.

    Why don't you check at application startup if the recordstore exists and if it contains the required image? If it does not, then create recordstore and create the file there.

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    Re: Create file in Recordstore on installation?

    After opening the recordstore

    use the following code-

    int recordCount = rs.getNumRecords();
    if(recordCount == 0){
    //use addRecord()
    //use setRecord method
    followed by your routine code

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    Re: Create file in Recordstore on installation?

    adilb is absolutely right here is post which contains sample code incase u need it

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