Hello folks,

I am finding that the Audio Proxy Server 2.3, iSession.InitializePlayer() causes ::RunL to be called with -5 error code (kErrNotSupported). I was able to see this in my code as well as sample code given by nokia (streamer). I am running this on Nokia E61 device.

The following are the options set on the player:

Any ideas what could be the problem? I tried various combinations of channels and so on and it didn't make a difference. I would truly appreciate any help!

iPSettings.iFourCC = TFourCC(KMCPFourCCIdG711);

iRSettings.iGlobal = _L("0xE8E2FC2D"); // using app UID
iPSettings.iGlobal = _L("0xE8E2FC2D"); // using app UID

// Player settings

iPSettings.iSettings.iVolume = 0;
iPSettings.iPriority = TMdaPriority(100);
iPSettings.iPreference = TMdaPriorityPreference(0x05220001);
iPSettings.iSettings.iChannels = TMdaAudioDataSettings::EChannelsMono;
iPSettings.iSettings.iSampleRate = TMdaAudioDataSettings::ESampleRate8000Hz;