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    N80 registers but reports "Registration fails"


    I am trying to configure the N80 for use with our voip service. I have used OMA to configure the phone like this:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE wap-provisioningdoc PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD PROV 1.0//EN"
    <wap-provisioningdoc version="1.1">
      <!-- SIP settings, see w9010.txt -->
      <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
        <parm name="APPID" value="w9010"/>
        <parm name="APPREF" value="Example link to SIP"/>
        <parm name="PROVIDER-ID" value="Coms plc"/>
        <parm name="PTYPE" value="IETF"/>
        <parm name="PUID" value="353766060959@sip.coms.com"/>
        <!-- Outbound settings -->
        <characteristic type="APPADDR">
          <parm name="ADDR" value="sip.coms.com"/>
        <!-- Outbound credentials -->
        <characteristic type="APPAUTH">
          <parm name="AAUTHNAME" value="353766060959"/>
          <parm name="AAUTHSECRET" value="*****"/>
          <parm name="AAUTHDATA" value="sip.coms.com"/>
        <!-- Registrar location and credentials -->
        <characteristic type="RESOURCE">
          <parm name="URI" value="sip.coms.com"/>
          <parm name="AAUTHNAME" value="353766060959"/>
          <parm name="AAUTHSECRET" value="*****"/>
          <parm name="AAUTHDATA" value="sip.coms.com"/>
      <!-- NAT/FW settings -->
      <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
        <parm name="APPID" value="w902E"/>
        <parm name="NAME" value="NAT/FW Traversal settings"/>
        <parm name="APPREF" value="Example link to NATFW settings"/>
        <characteristic type="NW">
          <parm name="DOMAIN" value="sip.coms.com"/>
          <parm name="STUNSRVADDR" value=""/>
          <parm name="STUNSRVPORT" value="3478"/>
          <parm name="NATREFRESHTCP" value="1200"/>
          <parm name="NATREFRESHUDP" value="28"/>
          <parm name="CRLFREFRESH"/>
    According to the log on the sip server, it looks OK:

    09 May 02:14:41.052/GLOBAL/ser[69744]: RECEIVED message from
    REGISTER sip:sip.coms.com SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKtru0d2g6h80f25auqba8plj;rport
    From: <sip:353766060959@sip.coms.com>;tag=6jmt5l1ok1hc7cpr0dsp
    To: <sip:353766060959@sip.coms.com>
    Contact: <sip:353766060959@>;expires=3600
    CSeq: 1241 REGISTER
    Call-ID: CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb
    Supported: sec-agree
    User-Agent: Nokia RM-92 V 4.0632.0.38
    Max-Forwards: 70
    Authorization: Digest realm="sip.coms.com",nonce="464121a977ef2841e86f59737700821662656224",algorithm=MD5,username="353766060959",uri="sip:
    Content-Length: 0
    09 May 02:14:41.053/CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb/ser[69744]: processing REGISTER received from
    09 May 02:14:41.053/CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb/ser[69744]: sending AAA request for 353766060959, method REGISTER:
    Calling-Station-Id               = '353766060959'
    User-Name                        = '353766060959'
    Digest-User-Name                 = '353766060959'
    Digest-Realm                     = 'sip.coms.com'
    Digest-Nonce                     = '464121a977ef2841e86f59737700821662656224'
    Digest-URI                       = 'sip:sip.coms.com'
    Digest-Method                    = 'REGISTER'
    Digest-Algorithm                 = 'MD5'
    Digest-Response                  = 'cead1809f46d512a291f7798e63d069e'
    Service-Type                     = 'Sip-Session'
    Cisco-AVPair                     = 'call-id=CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb'
    09 May 02:14:41.060/CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb/ser[69744]: AAA request accepted, processing response:
    h323-billing-model               = 'h323-billing-model=0'
    Cisco-AVPair                     = 'h323-ivr-in=Tariff:Mobiboo EUR PAYG'
    Cisco-AVPair                     = 'h323-ivr-in=available-funds:0.01'
    h323-return-code                 = 'h323-return-code=0'
    h323-currency                    = 'h323-currency=EUR'
    h323-preferred-lang              = 'h323-preferred-lang=en'
    09 May 02:14:41.060/CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb/ser[69744]: saving contact sip:353766060959@ into the database
    09 May 02:14:41.060/GLOBAL/ser[69744]: SENDING message to
    SIP/2.0 200 OK
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKtru0d2g6h80f25auqba8plj;rport=58968
    From: <sip:353766060959@sip.coms.com>;tag=6jmt5l1ok1hc7cpr0dsp
    To: <sip:353766060959@sip.coms.com>;tag=4c9d2783942a2e60e4b45662ff0ad8ea-6214
    CSeq: 1241 REGISTER
    Call-ID: CxriRa67oIcP3gdVCkHG3MAz2-Ftwb
    PortaBilling: available-funds:0.01 currency:EUR
    Contact: <sip:353766060959@>;expires=3595
    Server: Sip EXpress router (0.9.6 (i386/freebsd))
    Content-Length: 0
    BUT ... the phone says 'registration failed'.

    Can anyone see what might be wrong here?

    I have checked the following:

    * Digest-Realm is correct

    * STUN is working correctly

    * Contact is correct, and matches IP:PORT in Via header.

    I am banging my head on the wall!!!

    If you can help, I will be very happy!



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    Re: N80 registers but reports "Registration fails"

    I had the same issue with e60.
    registration from my e60 was successfully to asterisk. But i had same problem with registrations to other proxies.
    Problem disappeared after firmware upgrade.

    i hope this suggestion will help for you

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    Re: N80 registers but reports "Registration fails"

    Try this:

    1. Go to Menu->Tools->Settings->Connection->Internet tel. Add a profile.
    2. Go to Menu->Connect.->Internet tel. and change your service. Apply it as default.
    3. Use registration = always in the SIP settings.

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    Re: N80 registers but reports "Registration fails"

    What rel of VoIP software is your phone running? You've got the correctly set via Header! What I would do to get that!!!


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