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    Connection problem with RFCOMM : error -6305


    I'm trying to connect to a bluetooth RFCOMM device (under emulator, using Nokia's emulator driver to access real BT (usb)hardware, S60 SDK 3rd ed FP1). The socket.Connect however always fails with KErrHCILinkDisconnection (-6305) error. I tried to look for further information but found nothing relevant. Any ideas what might be the problem here?

    I also tried to connect to my phone with same code and it apparently worked properly (negotiated secure connection and - well, did not produce any error codes at least, and also it received some data I sent - no idea what the phone did with the data though, and I doubt it even matters)

    The code:

    RSocket socket;
    TRequestStatus status;

    TBTSockAddr sockAddr;

    User::LeaveIfError( socket.Open(iSocketServer, KBTAddrFamily, KSockStream, KRFCOMM) );
    // tried also: _LIT(KStrRFCOMM, "RFCOMM"); User::LeaveIfError( socket.Open(iSocketServer, KStrRFCOMM) );

    socket.Connect(sockAddr, status);


    if (status != KErrNone)
    TBuf<32> buf;
    _LIT(KError, "error code = %d");
    buf.Format(KError(), status);


    This only seems to happen when trying to connect to a single-purpose BT-RS232 adapter I need to use.
    When connecting from my emulated phone to a BT adapter on another PC the RFCOMM link works.
    When trying to connect to said RS232-adapter with normal PC-BT RFCOMM interface the link works.
    But when trying to connect from my emulated phone it will give that error.
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    Re: Connection problem with RFCOMM : error -6305

    Replying to myself in case someone else encounters similar problem.

    It seems that the problem most likely is a bug or incompatibility in BT implementation of emulator or Nokia's emulator-driver.

    When I compiled version to a real phone and tried it there it worked flawlessly.

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