Hi all,

I have modified the sample code given in getting started with MMS.The sample1.mms file gets created and i copied to the templates of

...\Getting_Started_with_MMS\Getting_Started_with_MMS\Getting_Started_with_MMS\Tools\Sending_TestTA\MMSC EAIF Emulator\bin\Templates

I created a text file named sample.txt.Now i executed the start up batch file of Sending_TestTA and Receiving_TestA and i send the MMS of sample.mms from sending_TestA to Receiving_TestA but in the S60 emulator i cant view tthe MMS.It is showing the error message of
"Message cannot be displayed as intended.See menu objects"

But when i open the menu objects it is showing all the files iam using, with the contents.Could anybody help me in solving this.