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    Cant see the application in emulator

    I was making a project in codewarrior. Due to the licence issue I had migrated to carbide.
    To get familiar with carbide..i made a new hellocarbide application add then tried debugging it on emulator. I gave it the same UID as ma previous application. SO this new application overwrited over ma previous application in emulator.
    Now my problem is....when i tried debugging ma first application on carbide...i cant see the app in emulator.
    Can anybody please tell me ...how to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Cant see the application in emulator

    You should be able to import the CodeWarrior-made project into Carbide: File menu, Import..., Symbian MMP File, and select the .mmp file in your first project (the file usually resides in a sub-directory called group).

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