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    Angry Help Please!!! while using Nokia 6234 as modem it de registers sim card

    I have had the 6234 just over a month now when i found that i could use it as a modem via CA-53 usb, as it connects at 480kbps it was great i used it for about 3-4 days then for sum reason my fone just said sim card reg failed i rang voda but they were no good and nokia careline but they couldnt tell me much either i took the sim to voda and they replaced it with a new sim but still had the same problem. sent it away to get fixed and is still there as they couldnt find any problem but they said my sim wouldnt work in there fone but there sim would work fine in my fone while used as a modem. even though they wouldnt have used it for 3-4 days though.And while my fone has been in for repair i used my partners fone she got the same one and a few days later the same thing happened to her while using the 6234 and as modem can anybody HELP!,because even mobilefonerepair have never come across this problem they said they will follow up on this next week some time.

    If anyone know of any solutions pls let me know Thanks.
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