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    Sending MMS reply to "sender" by EPOC via MMSC EAIF


    Does anybody can tell us how to use EPOC for sending back reply to sender via MMSC EAIF?

    The sender is either OriginatingApp or FilteringApp.

    In general case, can EPOC emulator act as originator to reply via MMSC EAIF?

    Is it possible?

    We would be appreciated for your help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Addtional Information

    The simple and clear view as following:

    1) We created a new message and sent to MMSC EAIF emulator.

    2) The EPOC emulator successfully received and opened a new MMS message.

    3) We replied or forwarded the message to sender.

    4) The EPOC emulator did not display any message.

    5) The MMSC EAIF did not show any result.

    6) The outgoing message still stored in "mmsout" folder.

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    EAIF and Nokia Developers Suite

    We don't know if we can be really helpful, but information and answers as above may be useful to others.

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    RE: Sending MMS reply to "sender" by EPOC via MMSC EAIF


    As the EAIF emulator is just MMSC interface emulator, it does not have same functions as real MMSC has. It is just meant for INTERFACE testing for terminating or originating app.

    In a real world MMS message is being delivered over WAP connection to / from MMSC. Therefore Epoc emulator can't communicate with EAIF emulator that uses HTTP to send/receive messages. Only interface available to Epoc emulator is the file interface as you described. There is no mechanism at EAIF that it would poll some directory to forward messages.

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