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    External reader didn't work

    I've intalled an omnikey 5321 reader, also the driver and the synchronous API. However, when I edited the Inner Virtual Smartcard configuration and checked the option of "External Omnikey Reader", it seemed not work. While I opened the configuration dialog of the inner virtual smartcard again, the option menu stayed focused on the default "Custom Class" option, but not the "External Omnikey Reader" that I've chosen.

    Is there anyone has an idea about this circumstance? Any help will be very appreciated.


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    Re: External reader didn't work

    In the current SDK version, the "External Omnikey Reader" option in the Internal Virtual Smartcard Edit screen is not working. We are aware of this issue and we are working on fixing it for future releases.

    Instead, until this issue is fixed, to verify your MIDlets on the emulator, you could use the Default option for the internal smartcard to always receive the "OK" answers from it.

    Thank you for your patience in dealing with this.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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    Re: External reader didn't work

    Hi Raluca,

    Since the "External Omnikey Reader" option is not working in current SDK, do you have any idea that when next SDK release will be available...??

    Thank you...

    Wen-Chuan Lu

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