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    Smile Security part in SMS Sendind

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I am Souvik from India. I am working on J2ME technology.
    My problem is if when I want to a SMS vis my j2ME application
    a Security Question is alaways asking to end user
    as per J2ME specification that you(End User) want to send the SMS "YES" or
    "NO"... it is good but i wand to disable it . that mean I want to send n No
    of SMS without asking the user Permission . Because as per our project
    Requerment. Is it Possible to disable that Security question. If it is
    possible teen Please tell me how it is possible?

    Many Many Thanx in Advanse


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    Re: Security part in SMS Sendind


    On many phones you cannot remove the confirmation dialogs. Even after signing the MIDlet does not have any better access to messaging (other than ask always) as the sending messages could prove costly to the user.

    However there could be some phones which allow the user to change the messaging settings to "always allowed" after the MIDlet has been signed.


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    Thumbs up Re: Security part in SMS Sendind

    Hi All

    Many Many Thx Hartti For ur reply. Again Many Many Thx Hartti for your
    time. Can any one tell me whice Nokia or other else support this . i also find
    the net.

    Thx in advance


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