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    Cerificate not valid/expired (N80 + carbide 1.1)


    I'm just starting with v1.1 of carbide and am having troubles when I load my hello world application (from the documentation) up to my phone. I am told to security certificate is out of date/ not valid/ expired....

    I have checked the dates on my N80 and put them ahead of my PC.

    a second point is that I will attempt to implement an infrared and blutooth rs232 protocol in C++, will this cause a problem with signing.

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    Re: Cerificate not valid/expired (N80 + carbide 1.1)

    You are right, this problem usually occurs when someone tries using a certificate from the future... A thing you may check is the Settings of the Application Manager. Software installation should be "All" or "#On" (I have no N80 with me now), and not "Signed only". Online certificate check is usually "Off" by default.
    Infra and BT requires LocalServices capability, which is a user-grantable one, thus self-signing will be enough (the user will get a warning that the application may try using Infra/BT, and that is all).

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