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    Https with RHttpTransaction gives Kern-Exec 3

    hi all
    am using the Http client it works very nice with both http and https. But when i am opening RHttpSession and create transctions on it, if the first transaction is HTTPS and then trying to make http transaction everything works fine, the problem occurs when my first transction on this session is HTTP and then trying a HTTPS transction when sumbmitting this transaction my application crashes with KErn-Exec 3. I can solve this with having 2 HTTP sessions but i wanna to know if there is solution for this problem or not??

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Https with RHttpTransaction gives Kern-Exec 3


    i m trying to implement the Https connection with the server can u tell me how i can perform this.

    if there is any sample code plz share with the me. That wud be a great help!!!!


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    Re: Https with RHttpTransaction gives Kern-Exec 3


    check links to examples I posted in this thread:



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