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    Red face Animates wallpapers and themes in S60 3rd ed


    We are creating many static themes but now I tried to create one theme with dynamic background.

    I used Carbide animation tool to create easy test animation for my E60, then made a .sis file but it does not work - I see onlya the first frame or animation.

    Then I inserted animated gif as the background or the theme but it does not work too.

    I am interrested if it is possible to make dynamic wallpaper on S30 3rd edition and what way can I use for it?

    Regards, Konstantine

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    Re: Animates wallpapers and themes in S60 3rd ed

    I think animated wallpapers might not be supported until S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (S60 3.1). The E60 is S60 3rd Ed. without any feature packs (S60 3.0).

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    Re: Animates wallpapers and themes in S60 3rd ed

    I would say that background animations are supported (you can see background animation in the example Zebra theme). Generally the background animations shall be created only using relative timing. The trickier thing is that not all the effects seem to work with the relative animations...

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