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    bluetooth image transfer with rfcomm


    I tried to look around the web and this forum but I was unable to get a clear answer to this issue.

    I'm very new to python and symbian so it is possible I just didn't understand something right. I'm trying to learn pys60 by writing a program which takes pictures with the camera of my n73 and transfers them to another program on my computer to be operated on.

    Pys60 handels images as graphics.Image objects. is it possible to somehow get the actual image data out of these objects to be sent to my computer using a rfcomm socket?

    I'd like to transfer images between these programs without having to write the image to a file.

    thanks for your help


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    Re: bluetooth image transfer with rfcomm

    Hi kkarme and welcome to our favorite forum

    I've been through that problem for encoding a picture to base64 without having to write it on the phone.

    Unfortunately you cannot access the image data buffer from PyS60.

    The "workaround" is to write the temporary picture on the RAM (D:), which is much faster than C: or E: drives.

    Then you can transfer the picture via bluetooth.

    Happy Pythoning,

    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

    Tips and modules:

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    Re: bluetooth image transfer with rfcomm

    thanks for the tip.. i'll try it out.


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