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    Append sound files together into stream

    I searched through the forum and only found one other question like what I have - it was back in 2004 and no response was ever given to that query. I hope to fair a little better.

    I want to append multiple sound files together into a single stream for playing. Specifically, If I play each one individually, there is a perceptible pause between each file as it's loaded. I'd really like to buffer the files into a byte array or some other format for stutter-free replay.

    Before wasting everyone's time, I searched for every plausible keyword I could think of and have come up empty handed.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Append sound files together into stream

    As the Java ME Developer's Library 1.2 says (Multimedia => Multimedia applications => Using the Mobile Media API => Playing sampled sound and MIDI):

    Swap and Play

    The Series 40 implementation supports "Swap and Play” functionality. For certain audio content, this works by allowing a MIDlet to prefetch more than one player, and pause one player while resuming another. In this way, several active players can exist at once. (True mixing is not yet supported.)

    In the Series 40 implementation, calling start() on one player does not automatically stop a player that is already running.

    Swap and Play is supported by some devices in 3rd edition (6280 and 7370 only) and fully from 3rd Edition, FP1 onwards.


    Note: Mixing support was introduced in S60 3rd Edition. In older S60 Editions only one player was able to play at a time. With the MMAPI this is expressed by a notification that mixing is not supported. The support can be checked from the system property supports.mixing, which returns a boolean value true if the mixing is supported. When mixing is not supported and two players are started sequentially, the last call for the start method will cause the first player to stop and the second to start (not in the Series 40 platform).
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