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    Array Size Problem On N73!

    Hi all
    I am making an app, and on the first time running , i need to check the rms database, if there is no gamedb created, then i'll create a byte[] data = new byte[58500]; and rs.addRecord(data, 0, data.length);

    the app, actually the same jar, works fine on WTK 2.5.1 emulator & Lyo's KEmulator, but after i installed the jar on Nokia N73, it just can not run! I mean, when i choose the app and open it, there is no splash, no exceptions, just nothing happened! but other games run well~~~

    so need i have to split the large byte array to several smaller arrays, such as 10K for each?

    or maybe that device has something wrong?

    Many many thanks!!!!

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    Re: Array Size Problem On N73!

    there must be some exception in your code. what i would suggest make a log form and append the text on to the log form after every code line. u will find out where the problem is and my guess is its in start app or in constructor function. what are you trying to do in your midlte.

    i dont think there is anything wrong with the device.

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    Re: Array Size Problem On N73!

    I also experience same problem.
    My MIDlet works fine on all emulators.
    Works fine on actual N70, 3100 and others.
    But did not even run on N73, E60, N95 and probably all Symbian OS v9 upwards.
    Is Symbian preventing Java app from running properly?
    Please, someone can shed some light unto this matter.
    Phone running only one app, Not operator branded, and basic MIDP API's are only used.

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