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    Audio proxy server codec changing


    I'm using the audio proxy server for my voip client.
    I would like to change to codec between 2 active calls (not during the call).
    According to the doc. I need to stop streaming and then
    I need to initialize the codec. The problem is that I can't
    re-initialize the APS. I tried to set only the encoder parameter of the session
    but it didn't succeed.

    please help !!!


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    Re: Audio proxy server codec changing


    according to the doc, the aps session internally gets terminated only 5 secs after a disconnect.

    Would implementing such a pause work?

    br, Marcel

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    Re: Audio proxy server codec changing

    I need use the GSM codec to access my voip provider!

    How to do this in standard nokia SIP in my E71-3?

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