I encounter a bigggg problem, which is:
I plan to develop an application on mobile phone, the application
do these following work:
1 open camera
2 capture a snap shot and createa n image
3 analyze this image (this step is very complicated computations, consuming
a lot of cpu resource)
4 if analysis is successful, then display the result, otherwise repeat step 2 - step 4

what i did is :
I creat two thread, one is used for capturing, another is analyzing image,
player is an element of my midlet, code like this:
Player player = null;

VideoControl videoControl = null;


// creat player
// get control
// initlize display mode

//set display full screen(true);

//set visible
// start player

this first thread's code like this
if (need capture)
sleep a little time

the second's code like this
// convert image to pixels

// analyze the pixels, include several big loops

I found the mobile phone's screen is incontinuous picture, which means
users see the pictures which delay on the screen.

i tried to change the threads' priority, failed
I tried to add sleep() in loop in the second thread,time became too long, almost 25s, it is terrible.

i really need help !
thanks for any reply!