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    Smile Deploying Application on Internet

    Hi! I have made an application in j2me and want to deploy the same on internet for paid download. Kindly enlighten me on the following issues (a) How to keep security of my file on the internet? (b) How effective is the obfuscation by Proguard obfuscator?(c) How to get money for my product?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Deploying Application on Internet

    Regarding different distribution channels you may look at
    Nokia Software Market http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com/,
    Handango http://www.handango.com,
    or jamba http://www.jamba.nl/ .

    And regarding obfuscation, it will make your safe to a certain extend. But there are decompilers that could generate code(may be not much usable code though!)


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