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    where to get the key set for secure element in 6131

    anyone knows where to get the key set for uploading my own applet to the secure element in nokia 6131?


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    Re: where to get the key set for secure element in 6131


    Each secure element - no matter where it is located: in the phone, on the SIM card, on an SD card - has an unique Serial Number. Each of the Secure Elements in Nokia 6131 NFC do have its own, chip specific ISD (Issuer Security Domain) keys.

    What you need is the ISD key of the secure element. This key allows full access to the SE, and therefore it must be kept secret at all times. This allows e.g. a credit card application to be installed on the secure element so that nobody can gain unauthorized access to it - or worse yet, replace it with their own version.

    The demonstrated UnlockMidlet did build a connection between the Secure Element and a back end server. The Server initiated calculated the Chip specific ISD keys and established a Secure Channel Protocol between the SE and the back end. Through this channel, the server inserted new keys to the SE. The new keys in unlocking the SE are made available for the individual developer.

    Once you unlock your SE, the chain of trust is broken, and your SE will NOT BE TRUSTED any more. Not ever. You can no longer install e.g. a real credit card application on it. You can do the unlocking on a virgin phone, but once you've installed a secure application on the SE, the unlocking is not allowed any more.

    There will be a service which will allow you to unlock your SE for development work. The service will function as described above and as demonstrated in Monaco.

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    Re: where to get the key set for secure element in 6131

    Thank you for great information.

    One further question is:
    Developer A and developer B have created two different applications. How does get the user, who is interested for both applications to his device?

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