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    mms notification message retrieve

    I has a 6230 phone and i could send and receive mms messages on it and it support the AT Commands for sms retrieving like +CPMS,+CMGR,+CMGL
    I tried to retrieve the mms notification message PDU string like what i do with the normal SMS ones by +CMGR or CMGL but it did not work, it seem that the message is not exists,it is saved in another location not in the "ME" or "SM"

    The phone show it in the MMS Inbox not in the SMS Inbox,How do i reach this inbox via AT Commands?

    Please help me retrieving this message.

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    Re: mms notification message retrieve

    Hi, currently I try the same as you.
    I want to read out the mms of my mobile.
    Do you got a solution by now? If not, I will inform you If I got one.
    You said also that it all is about the notification, so here a question from me.
    Do you know how the header of a SMS looks if you send UD?
    I set the flag for UDHI and took 8bit mode.

    WOuld be nice to talk with you about the problems.

    Greetings René

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