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    Question Difference between N & E Series


    If there any difference, from software point of view, between N and E series?

    As I figured out, N80 and E65 both are running Symbian 3rd generation OS. Does this mean that the software developed for N series will run on E series without any problem, and other way round.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Difference between N & E Series

    The N series devices are produced by the Multimedia unit of Nokia while the E series are produced by the Enterprise Solutions unit. While both lines of products use the S60 Platform release this is usually customized to better support some of the key features of the devices so that they will meet the expectations of the targeted market segment.

    So, the answer to your question is yes, the application will most likely run on both devices however this pretty much depends on what application you have in mind.

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    Re: Difference between N & E Series

    Does that mean, N series does not push email? Or can I have push email support on N series mobiles as well?

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    Re: Difference between N & E Series

    MFE works also with N-Series, sofar the biggest difference what I have experienced is with the security models, though mostly those parts are handled with non-public APIs, thus when working with public SDKs there are not too much difference at all.

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