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    Exclamation Rate Control and frame pos control

    Has anyone been able to implement the rate control and frame pos control into a media player. Whenever it is created in the player the value is null
    ie pos = (FramePositioningControl)player.getControl("FramePositioningControl"); returns a null value. there is a golbal variable decleared for pos. i get the same error for both controllers.

    i am using a nokia N80 so it should work as it is a s60 3rd.

    i have tried using a 3gp file, mp4 and mp3 with no luck

    any help would be really great
    thanx in advance

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    Re: Rate Control and frame pos control

    From Java ME Developer's Guide for S60

    RateControl is supported for MIDI and tone players. The maximum rate value is 1000000 and the minimum rate value is 100.

    S60 3rd Ed. FP 1: RateControl is also supported for other audio formats. For them, only rate values 100000 and 0 are supported. Effectively this means that it supports a normal rate and a 'stopped rate'.

    The default rate for all players is 100000.

    S60 3rd Ed. FP 1: FramePositioningControl is only supported for the "file" protocol. Keep in mind that FramePositioningControl is frame-accurate for animated GIF but less accurate for other video medias.


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