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    Plz...Help!!! How to do KeyMapping?

    If i press the key 5, my sprite has to Jump and again it comes to its original position eventhough the key (5) was continuosly pressed. How to do it?
    if any one knows that plz...reply me soon .... thanx in advance....

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    Re: Plz...Help!!! How to do KeyMapping?

    Hi daisy_deepa
    The best way to do key mapping is not to write the code directly in the function keyPressed() instead what u do is u can just set aflag in the keyPressed function depending on which key was pressed meaning you will have 12 different flags for 12 differnet keys i think these will be enough for your game ...later in your code where u make the character jump u can check if this flag is set and make the character jump and also u can make a return from this function when the character state has yet not been standing or whatever it is...you dfinetly must be knowing what the character state is like jumoing or standing..so make a return from the function jump() until its jumping...also do not forget to reset the flag to false in the keyreleased() function ......this will not only solve your problem but also will make ur key response much more faster.

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