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    Question Multiple SIS files with and without executables/libraries


    I have the following situation (S60 3rd edition):

    1. I have a sis file with an application that will be signed through the symbian signed process.
    2. I have another sis file containing no applications or libraries; it will only contain a configuration file (like a database file) that will be copied to the system/data folder.

    Local tests with our developer certificate do not work. My 2nd sis file (pkg file) is coupled to the 1st sis file (same UID). Installing the 2nd sis file (after having installed the 1st one) causes an update error. Creating the 2nd sis file as a "new" application sis file installs, but this is undesired as it will create another "application" in the application manager menu: the user could delete the 2nd sis file, causing the main application (1st sis file) not working anymore, and other way around: when the user removes the main application, the 2nd sis content (i.e. the configuration file) won't be removed...

    My intention is to prevent having letting the application to be verified, tested and signed through the symbian signed process everytime when I have to update something in the configuration file. And, I would like to be able to create an application variant by just modifying the configuration file and recreating the final sis file.

    My question is: would something like this be possible? Perhaps that are other ways how to realise this.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Multiple SIS files with and without executables/libraries

    Posting the two pkg files may help. What is the sis type for the content package?

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