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    Sending of SMSs from PC in TEXT mode

    How can I send short message (SMS) from my PC using mobile phone in text mode?

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    RE: Sending of SMSs from PC in TEXT mode

    Short messages containing 7bit textual information can be sent from the PC program to mobile phone. The mobile phone must be installed as a modem to the PC's operating system. And the phone must be connected to the PC using cable or infrared. See also " AT Command Set for Nokia GSM Products" in Smart Messaging documents.

    This example shows how to send SMS in text mode:

    AT+CMGF=1<enter/carriage return>
    //The SMS sending mode is changed to text mode (default is 0, PDU mode)

    AT+CMGS="+4441793181022" <enter/carriage return> <text entered> <ctrl+z>
    //The message is sent to entered to number +4441793181022. Replace this number with your own number.

    The modem responds with "+CMGS: < TP-Message-reference value in integer format>" and OK, and the message is sent. Sending can be cancelled by using an <ESC> character. <ctrl-z> must be used to indicate the ending of a message body.

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