Hello !

I have to study SIR for my thesis and I have some questions about it.

Is the SMS notification that is sent to a mobile to warn it that a MMS is available an SIR? I guess that it is the case, but I'm not sure about it. If it is the case would it be possible, using an SIR, to automatically initiate the download of a file on a mobile (in fact it is what happens with MMS I guess).

Now I'm willing the send an SIR sms using AT+ commands but after reading the specifications I don't really get how I should format my PDU. For the time being I have done the following:

00 : use the SMSC stored in the phone
41 : there is a user data header
00 : message reference defined by the phone
0A 81 xx xx xx xx xx xx : phone number
00 : PID
04 or F5 : data coding scheme

06 : length of UDF
05 : application port addressing scheme
04 : information element length
0B84 : destination port
23F0 : source port

00 : transaction ID
06 : PDU type=push
01 : header length
B4: application/vnd.wa.sia
AF 81: Content-type=x-wap-applicationush.sia

But then I couldn't find much information on how to code the content. I looked in the wap PushOTA specifications, but it doesn't help me that much. What I can find there is that the content should be (chapter 8.4):

Version: uint8 -> 01 ????
AppIdListLen: Length in ocrtets of the Application-ID list
Application-ID list: what application-id are they talking about the ones that we can find at http://www.wapforum.org/wina/push-app-id.htm ?

ContactPointsLen WSP: number of octets for contact points
Contact Points WSP: Is this where I should put the URI pointing to the file I want that the mobile downloads. In this case, how should I code the URI?

And others fields that I also don't get.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,