Hello everybody,

I have the following problem and my idea is to solve it with a server. But I am not sure if this is the best solution.

Problem: I have a shared library (DLL) that may be used by 2 or more applications. Each time an application is started that uses my DLL, a new instance of the DLL is created. The instances of the DLL access a common database. Read and write access to the database is slow. When the DLL is opened, it reads some values from the database. These values (integer counters) must be synchronised with the other instances of the DLL, to ensure that an object is not accessed from the database too often.

The simple solution would be to write the access counter directly into the database, but as I said, writing to the database is too slow to call as often as I need it.

My idea is now to use a server to synchronise the counters between instances of the DLLs. The only bad thing is that a server is quite complex... Is there a more lightweigth solution to this problem? Does anybody have an idea?

I need it for both S60 2.0 and S60 3.0.

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