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    Different between GPRS and WLAN

    Hi :-D,

    I'm going to develop a network application for N93i which support WLAN.

    But I'm not quite sure what is the different between socket programming in GPRS and WLAN.

    I think they should be the same because socket does not care which physical layer for the communication but I found out there is some posts that mention the same application is working on either WLAN or GPRS but not both.

    Do you have any idea about the different between GPRS and WLAN programming?

    Thanks a lot :-D

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    Re: Different between GPRS and WLAN

    There should be no difference from a programming syntax point of view (except that you use a WLAN access point, instead of a GPRS access point); TCP/IP is TCP/IP regardless of what the physical layer happens to be.

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    Re: Different between GPRS and WLAN

    From developer's point of view it should be the same. Normally, when you create a connection, the user will get a dialog to select which access point to use. This normally includes WiFi and GPRS.

    For some reasons, you may limit the users so that they can only use a specific Access Point. This can be done, for example, by specifying the preferences connection (TConnPref) when you call RConnection::Start().

    Please check Wiki posting here, http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...rom_the_device, to find out more information about selecting access point.


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    Re: Different between GPRS and WLAN

    Let's see if I can make the application working on both WiFi and GPRS.
    Thanks for your replys.

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    There is no difference from development point of view. I have indeed developed an application capable of communicating using both GPRS and WLan and trust me there is no difference what so ever in socket programming,however there would be some differences wrt choosing the access point as that basically decides which physicl medium will be used for data transfer.


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