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    Question How to get Mobile number using function written in C++

    i want to access a mobile number return by a function which is in c++.
    is ther any way to get it.
    plz help.

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    Re: How to get Mobile number using function written in C++

    And by "a mobile number", which number is that? The number of a contact in the phonebook? The number the phone user calls? The number of the person calling the phone user? The phone number of the phone user (the number the SIM card in the phone is associated with)? The number used to send a test message or MMS? The number a text message or MMS was sent from?

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    Re: How to get Mobile number using function written in C++

    My guess is that you are interested in the phone number which is used to call that mobile phone, right?

    as petrib (and others) has explained on many times on these forums (use advanced search from above and search for MSISDN or phoen number and limit to responses to petrib, for example) there is no guarantee that the GSM phone even knows it phone number (it could be stored on the SIM card, but the it is likely that it is not).


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