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    Question help needed.......

    i hv installed
    perl 5.6 with 638
    symbian s60 sdk
    CW ide 3.1

    i m getting error tht no symbian complier is found....

    plz help!!!!!!

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: help needed.......

    hi yogesh
    u have to install the sdk first then IDE .. then it detects the IDE detects the compiler or else some time u get this error..
    and what is 638 ???


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    Re: help needed.......

    @Vishnu : Yogesh means build 638. I dont think its necessary that SDK be installed first.

    @Yogesh : Check if your SDK is installed correctly. Type 'devices' in the dos prompt you will know if the SDK is installed. Detail furthur issues so that the situation is better understood.

    Also if you search the forum, you will find similar issues already discussed quite a few times. ;)

    Hope it helps!!

    Good Luck and Cheers

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