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    J2ME Push app - started by Push sms or manually

    Hi All,

    I just want to know is there a way to identify within java whether my application invoked by an SMS push message or manually by the user( just by clicking open app)

    basically when my J2me application started, I want to know whether its invoked by Push sms or not. I tried the PushRegistry.listConnections(), but it seems to be behaving differently on different brands of phones. is there any other way ?


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    Re: J2ME Push app - started by Push sms or manually

    The listConnections() should be used for that like you described. Check this page for guidance, that you are using the listConnections properly

    Which devices you are having problems with?

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    Re: J2ME Push app - started by Push sms or manually

    Thanks for the reply,

    Yes I'm using the listConnections() to check is there any connections or not.
    There are few handsets( not Nokia) which returns 0 even if it invoked by the push. Well its their problem, but i'm trying to find a work around.
    Most of Nokia handsets seems to be ok. (other than 6233 which has a diff problem, after 1st push sms onwards it wont start the application which is a known problem by nokia)


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