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    MIDP Games and Series 60 UI

    Hi all!

    I'm developing games for Nokia phones, so I have a question for all of you Nokia guys out there; does MIDP Games have to be compliant with 'Series 60 Games Style UI Guide' document, in order to get the Nokia approval and conformance...

    Cheers, Tom.

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    RE: MIDP Games and Series 60 UI

    Hello Tom,

    No, we don't set any strict guidelines on how your games (or other programs) should look like or function. The document you refer to is just a guideline how the user experience could be made more constant between the different games. That document is valid for Series 60 games as the name implies, but doesn't apply to other platforms like Series 30 or Series 40.

    What we require though, is that your application works as stated and don't have any unexpected behaviour.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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