IDE: Eclipse 3.2.2
CarbideJ 1.5
Emulator: Prototype_4_O_s60_MDIP_EMULATOR


I'm a web developer in Dublin, Ireland playing around with J2ME and I am trying to use the above emulator to debug a midlet I'm building in CarbideJ.
All was going fine until I needed to make a HTTPS POST request to a server with an unknown certificate.

Now on my S60 phone I am prompted to install the server cert and that works fine and I can continue but on the emulator I get no such prompt. Instead I get the dreaded error:

javax.microedition.pki.CertificateException: Certificate was issued by an unrecognized entity

Basically I'm wondering is there a way I can install the certificate for the emulator. I have spent the morning looking through posts both here and on the Sun forum but can't seem to find any specific information regarding my particular setup as detailed above.

I'm pretty stumped so if anyone has any ideas on this I would love to hear them as the thought of having to debug with my phone doesn't fill me with pleasure.
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