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    Nokia University Program

    Dear Ron

    Thank you very much for starting Forum Nokia University Program. Really I am so happy that Forum Nokia has taken a big step in helping the future developers right from the university. Please do provide faculty training etc so that they can finally teach thousand students.

    I would like to thank Forum Nokia for the support they are providing.

    Symbian academy concept is also really good. I am feeling some fruits of success for Forum Nokia in future,

    Thanks. Keep it up....!!! Great Work

    ||Kiran ||
    Nokia E-65
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia N95 8GB
    Nokia E90
    Nokia 5110 !!
    Nokia 6110i !!

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    Re: Nokia University Program

    Thanks for the kind words. I've moved this to the training feedback forum where it will be easier for the trainers to notice your remarks.

    If there are any other courses you'd like to see let us know here.


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    Unhappy Re: Nokia University Program

    How to see nokia university program, I need help, because I develop mobile application for the University using Qt Creator? Thanks in advance :-)

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    Re: Nokia University Program

    You can read about Developer Programs, if you follow the Developer Programs link on the bottom of this page. However if you have questions about Qt, you can freely use the Qt boards, click back to the DiBo root, http://discussion.forum.nokia.com, and it is the 3rd group in the Developer Platforms category.

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