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    6131 Cardmanager keys


    Coming Monday I will receive a Nokia 6131NFC.

    I want to migrate a demo from Samsung X700
    to Nokia 6131NFC.

    For that I need to install an applet in Secure Element.

    At this moment we don't have 3des keys for uploading the applet,
    towards the Nokia 6131NFC.

    1. Is there someone on this forum that allready installed Applets?

    2. Is it possible to email me a 'log file' on this?

    Marc van Dam

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    Re: 6131 Cardmanager keys

    I wonder if it could be possible to receive the applet to be stored on the secure element as an example I can study.

    MAny thanks

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    Re: 6131 Cardmanager keys

    You can order unlocked Nokia 6131 NFC phone from ToP Shop netstore.
    For more information see link below
    In the future Nokia provide this service, follow information on the board.

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