I make Theme and layout my own background images with photoshop, now if I change the theme resolution up (in Carbide) the background image scales up and get´s pixeleted ugly. We all know this, but:

If I make new image with photoshop and copy it (like the tutorials show) the old image is lost. Does this mean that I have to make a unigue SIS packet for each resolution, and then put all these sis files in my website and find out what resolution is for what nokia phonemodel and then let people to download unigue theme for their phonemodel only?

In other words: Can the Carbide 3.1.1 make sis themes with multiple background images in them and while installation in phonemodel, just put the correct image to background? I know svg scales fine but I have to make layout´s in each resolution a bit different (perfect I mean so scaling is just not enough..

Pekka Varis