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    Unhappy Carbide not recognizing installed UIQ SDK

    Hi All,

    I bought the "Symbian OS C++ For Mobile Phones" book and I installed the Metrowerks IDE and also the UIQ (SDK 2.0 Candidate 2) from the CD.

    Since Metrowerks IDE said it will expire in just 15 days, and since Carbide is recommended I downloaded Carbide.c++ IDE and installed it.

    Then I started Carbide and tried creating a new project "Symbian C++ Project" but it says "There are no matching SDKs installed".

    I then went to Window->Preferences and went to "SDK Preference". And in that I saw "UIQ 70" listed 2 times in red with a message below saying:

    EPOCROOT: C:\symbian\UIQ_70
    OS Version: cannot be determined
    Available Platforms: Platforms cannot be determined
    Diagnostic Check: SDK cannot be used in Carbide. Make sure your EPOCROOT is valid and the OS version is properly set.

    Do I have to remove the UIQ_70 I Installed from the CD and download and install a new one?? All this about SDKs is a bit confusing.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can get my first Symbian C++ project running?

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    Re: Carbide not recognizing installed UIQ SDK

    Any help? :(

    I'd really like to start off with the latest SDK/Toolkit. Its all a bit too confusing :(

    I think I should upgrade UIQ. Any links which I should use for the latest carbide version? I tried searching again, didn't find them.

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    Re: Carbide not recognizing installed UIQ SDK


    Welcome to the Forum!!

    I personally havent worked in UIQ, but if I remember correctly, This scenerio had occured in one of our systems where the Windows was not an English version and S60 was being installed there. Check if this applies to UIQ also.

    if you want to download the SDK check this link for the full list of the SDK downloads.

    You can download the carbide.c++ from here

    Good Luck and Cheers
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