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    Unhappy 6230i-how to remove app size limit?

    Erm... i'm a noob to this forum, so i dunno how to start, but nvm.

    Ok... so i have a nokia 6230i, and i noticed that the maximum size of apps i can install all in all is 1.4mb++ and if i install another application, pc suite tells me "cannot install to phone. not enough memory available." i read somewhere that there is a limit to the size of the apps u can install to the phone in total. anybody knows how to remove the limit? or increase it?

    Second: my 6230i's vibration is not working. anybody help?

    Third: anybody can tell me what is ur firmware ver? mine's 3.62.

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    Re: 6230i-how to remove app size limit?


    says max jar size 500 KB
    Also there is limited amount of memory available for applications installation in general (31 MB for everything) and no memory cards, so the solution is to remove other things from the memory.

    If the vibration does not work for applications, you probably need to turn the vibration on for the apps. I do not have the device at hand, but the way to do it should be described in the user manual.


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