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    guidelines for developing apps

    Greetings everyone, I had a general question on J2ME design regarding the creation of applications with multiple screens. Currently I am in the process of designing the basic architecture that I will utilize during my development and I have read that as a general guideline it is a good idea not to create individual classes for each screen. What is a good alternative to this framework? Should I have one main class that calls different build methods for each screen? Or should I load all the parameters for each screen from a text file? My app will have aprox 20 different screens which all use form elements. Any example would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: guidelines for developing apps

    "Should I have one main class that calls different build methods for each screen"

    sounds like a better approach. but remember for such an application u will get out of memory exception quite many times as there are to many forms. so do think about optimization if somehow u can reduce the number of screen and similar stuff it will help laterz.

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