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    How add vertical Scroll in canvas.

    I want to add vertical scroll in canvas. Is it supported? i yes than how?

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    Re: How add vertical Scroll in canvas.

    I dont think you would be able to add a vertical scroll bar on to a canvas. However u can definetly code the logic to add vertical scroll. If u just need it to display text that u scroll...it would be very simple..al u need to do is split the text into an araay of string in such a way that the width of each text element is not greater then the screen width.

    later assuming u want to show 5 lines at atime and u have 10 lines what u could do is draw 5 lines using a for loop from 1-5 and then when u press down key u could draw from 2-6 and so on also when u press the up key u could draw from 1-5 again assuming u were at the 2nd line ...but make sure u don not crss the limits ie 1-10 as it may give u an arrayindex exception

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