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    Java applications


    S60 3rd edition applications need to be signed (for C++ applications) to be installed on the phone.
    1) Does the same thing applies to java applications? Do they need to be verified to be installed on S60 3rd Edition?

    2) What about S40 3rd, 4rd & 5th Editions? Does the application need to be verified to be installed?

    thanx for any help.

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    Re: Java applications

    Signing of java applications is not necessary for installing them on the phone. An unsigned application can still be installed on the phone. but they do keep prompting the user everytime they need access to the network, send sms, camera access, file access.
    Sreekanth Bellur,
    Symbian C++ Developer,
    Ravensoft Ltd.,
    United Kingdom

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    Re: Java applications

    sreekanthbellur is absolutely right and it would be better if u goto security settings of ur mobile and select ask only first time option if it exits.

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