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    Unable to build while launched the emulator in Debug mode - app is closed when build

    Dear All,

    I have been using Carbide.C++ 1.2 for some time now and have somehow got used to it... its not that bad though!.

    However I have been facing a peculiar problem, which I hope has a work around.

    I have a project say "MyProject".

    I run it in DEBUG mode. I open the application, find some defects and close the application (not the emultor, but only the application). Now if I change any code (simple change, say in a cpp file only) and build, I get a error saying "Error creating file: MyApplication.exe[]"

    But if I simply close the emulator and build again, it is succesfully built.

    Also this is only seen in the debug mode.

    Is it something like during debug, carbide locks the application binary.

    The same used to work with Code Warrior ....

    Thanks for any help in advance...
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    Re: Unable to build while launched the emulator in Debug mode - app is closed when bu

    Yes amit you are right i have also observed same that Carbide.c++ Locks the Application in Debug Mode.

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