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Thread: JSR 234

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    JSR 234


    My phone doesn't currently support JSR-234. I was wondering if it is then perhaps possible to just add the jar files from this standard (or merley those that contain the binary classes that I need) in the Resources section of my project and get a final jar file to be deplyed on my mobile phone?

    I have managed to do this with a mathematical library, but then again, the JSR thing might be a little different, and therefore the question.

    If the answer is no, can you please explain why not and maybe suggest another way around it(I basically need to be able to access in Java some kind of low level api for using the flashlight of my camera, apply white balance, etc)


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    Re: JSR 234

    Not possible with the JSR-234, as controlling flash or the camera would require access to native APIs and you do not have that kind of access from sandboxed Java ME.

    You are free to add more functionality to the Java environment by adding more classes in your jar, as far as you can implement everything using Java only (and of course those classes would be accessible only from that specific MIDlet, other similar MIDlets on the phone would need to include the same classes again.


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