first of all, I have replaced in raccoonloc.py
	def readLocation(self) :

		loc = location.gsm_location()

		if (loc is not None):

			(self.mcc, self.mnc, self.lac, self.cellid) = loc


			# 3rd Ed. S60 phone return None without certificate

			(self.mcc, self.mnc, self.lac, self.cellid) = (0, 0, 0, 0)
def readLocation(self) :
			(mcc, mnc, lac, cellid) = location.gsm_location()
			(self.mcc, self.mnc, self.lac, self.cellid) = location.gsm_location()
Is that ok or should I have kept parts of the old code?

Next, I have downloaded "raccoon_0_9_2_3rdEd_devcert.zip" and unpacked from that "raccoon_0_9_2_3rdEd_devcert.usis". I assume I should rename that to *.sis and sign?
And then sign "PythonForS60_1_3_21_3rdEd_unsigned_freedevcert.sis"?
Install both on the handset and it should work?
I thought I did so, but maybe something went wrong or is something wrong in my above procedure? Thx to let me know...

One final question: why is it not possible to simply sign the complete Raccoon/Python package?

Thx, Ueffchen