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    Some questions about SNAP

    Dear Sir,

    I'm from a Chinese company which is planning for a 3D Mobile MMOG project, and noticed SNAP when surveying for network solution. While we've read most documents we found, there are still something we'd like to know for further evaluation. Can you answer the following questions for us? (Some may not be "tech" questions, but we don't know where else to ask)

    1) While it is said that SNAP support MMOG, does it mean MMOG using
    the Lobby/Room structure of SNAP, or we just use SNAP's connection
    function and make the game ourselves?

    2) We'll be using Chinese in the whole game, including UI terminology,
    will it be a problem since it contracts with the guideline?

    3) For SNAP-Certification, is there any official (or certified) "testing house"
    here in China?

    4) Will there be any tech-support in Chinese language?

    Thank you very much,


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    Re: Some questions about SNAP

    Hello Garfield,

    sorry for being little late with my answer.

    1) SNAP Mobile will handle the game lobby and game room structure of your game. When creating the game design to find out which lobbies you need, those will be set to the SNAP Mobile servers and static lobbies. Game rooms will be dynamically created by the different game start modes.

    2) As you noticed right now we have only English in our development guides and guidelines. That means that also the menu structure and other UI requirements are only listed in English and are meant for English games. For games in other languages we do not have UI language rules yet. So as conclusion if you make your game in Chinese you are not breaking our guidelines, just remember to have the corresponding menu items in Chinese, i.e. Chinese for Rankings, Friendslist and so forth.

    3) We are still working on to have a Chinese test house.

    4) There is no Chinese developer support at the moment, but we also have plans to have support available sometime later.

    Hopefully these answers helped you.



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    Smile Re: Some questions about SNAP

    Hi Heidi,

    Thanks a lot. The answers are quite enlightful.



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