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    RDA "Login Failed. ...." when 'logged in' state


    After succesfull login and reservation; "Start RDA" button gives
    "Login failed. Invalid user name or password." What is wrong.
    I tried many times with same result.

    Pls Help:

    Tia M. N. Atakan

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    Re: RDA "Login Failed. ...." when 'logged in' state


    here are a couple of things you could try:

    1. clean up your browser cache
    2. go to control panel -> Java -> Temporary internet files. Select "delete files".
    3. restart the browser and try again

    the error means that for some reason the login could not have been validated from the Forum Nokia single sign-on server. I just tested logging in and it worked normally. Another possibility is that you are accessing the service through an internet connection, where outgoing traffic to port 1200 is not allowed. Also make sure you have Java webstart installed on your computer and that the browser can associate the JNLP-file with Java webstart laucher after clicking the "Start RDA"-button. Another possibility is incorrect/missing configuration either on browser or Java-settings.

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