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    Question Series 40 Nokia OS firmware development


    I would like to know who to contact if I have an idea about additions to the firmware in Series 40 phones that use the original Nokia OS.

    I am asking this because I would like to add an African language to the language pack. This language is Luganda - it is widely spoken all over Uganda.

    The language does not need a new font or anything, just the strings used by the user interface. There are already several other languages from the same group included in series 40 language packs, such as Swahili and Xhosa. Not to say that these are appropriate for use in Uganda though.

    I know the OS is proprietory closed source, but there must be some point of contact for suggestions, although I have yet to find it.

    I would be grateful for assistance on this or alternative methods.



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    Re: Series 40 Nokia OS firmware development


    Nokia Head Office
    Keilalahdentie 2-4
    P.O. Box 226
    FIN-00045 Nokia Group
    Tel. +358 (0) 7180 08000

    Nokia Corporation, MEA
    Al Thuraya Tower II, 27th floor, Dubai Internet City
    P.O. Box 500019, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
    Tel. +971 4 3697600
    Fax +971 4 3697606

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    Re: Series 40 Nokia OS firmware development

    Thak you Petrib. I will write to them.

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