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Thread: e61 Key Mapping

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    e61 Key Mapping


    I am using my own canvas text field and I need to map e61 key codes. The only place I could find the Canvas codes for e61, or any other Nokia full keyboard was: http://worlddeveloper.org/www/forumt...oryId=24&fpn=0. But I am not sure how relible this codes are.

    Where can I find Nokia full keyboard J2ME key codes?



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    Re: e61 Key Mapping

    Why dont you output the key codes on the application canvas itself....

    the keyPressed(int) method is called whenever a key is pressed.... so all you need to do is

    a) declare a global int variable
    b) assign the int param to the global variable inside keyPressed() method
    c) call repaint();
    d) in paint(Graphics G), put g.drawString("Pressed Key = "+globalKeyVariable,0,0,0);
    Sreekanth Bellur,
    Symbian C++ Developer,
    Ravensoft Ltd.,
    United Kingdom

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    Re: e61 Key Mapping

    Thanks for the hint, but thats for sure an workaround... I was hoping to find some kind os documentation about key mapping on full keyboard... I can easily check Canvas javadoc and find the codes for standard keyboards, but I don't know where to find Canvas javadoc for Nokia full keyboard devices.

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    Re: e61 Key Mapping

    Just did the test you suggested and the key codes indicated on this website (http://worlddeveloper.org/www/forumt...oryId=24&fpn=0) are ok.


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