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    NOKIA 6131 NFC with SPANISH pack

    Hi all,

    I'd like to buy some NOKIAs 6131 NFC for a project in Spain. However, so far I only found one vendor (http://toptunniste.fi) and their phones do not include the Spanish language pack.

    Does anyone know:
    - if it is possible to upgrade the NOKIA 6131 NFC to include the Spanish language pack?
    - or, alternatively, a vendor in Spain (aside Nokia, of course)?

    Thanks for your help in advance,

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    Re: NOKIA 6131 NFC with SPANISH pack

    Hi David,

    so far, I have just received today the 6131 NFC with the Westerne Europ language pack. It contains also the Spanish language. So you could be able to find a good dealer which could sell it to you. But good luck to find one!!

    In france, it was a pain to find one.

    I had the same question as yours few mounth ago. I bought a phone 6131 NFC from Toptunnist, but unfortunately no one was able to inform me about the French language pack. So I'm still using it in English.


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